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The Spirit of Kentucky Bourbon

In Every Bite

Rooted in the rich soil of Kentucky’s heritage, we take great pride in our connection to this beautiful land. Our way of doing things is all about being mindful and sustainable, especially when it comes to caring for our livestock.

They’re nurtured on a diet enriched with high-quality bourbon grains right from our neighboring distilleries. 

Dinner Party-Ready

Transform your meals

Now let’s talk about flavor – it’s something special! Our perfectly marbled cuts have a unique hint of Kentucky’s finest bourbon and every bite of our beef and pork is a real treat. It’s got this subtle smoky sweetness that’ll wake up your taste buds and make you feel good about what you’re eating because it’s made with care for you and our planet.

This isn’t just dinner; it’s a way of life that’s wholesome and sustainable.

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